Incorrect SSL Certificate

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Subject: Incorrect SSL Certificate
Posted by:  Adotek (simonmharr…
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007

Hi All,

I have IIS 5 running 3 websites...


We have had a VeriSign SSL certificate installed on
for some time, which works fine.

Recently, I have installed a trial Thawte certificate on, this was setup specifically for that domain, when I
view the certificate in IIS, I see, however,
accessing the site over SSL results in a security
alert, because the name on the certificate does not match the site - I
click on 'view certificate' and see that the SSL cert for
has been provided...Not the cert for!

Must say I am confused...To my knowledge, the correct certificate was
installed on the correct site...and what IIS tells me conflicts with
what my browser says!

Any ideas of help will of course be appreciated!