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Subject: NLB and IIS
Posted by:  Damian Stalls (damian.stal…
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2007

I would like to use NLB with a web farm I currently maintain.  My
question is how does the NLB service decide which server to place
client or request.  My understanding of IIS6 is that each request
by a client is treated a new request and not an extension of the
previous request.

Basically if i search through the browser everyone who lives in "Los
Angeles" and if i get 15 pages of content every time I click "Next"
see the next page a different server could be handeling the request.
Is this the case or can NLB tie a remote client session to a specific
server in the farm and all requests are only handeled by that server
(for a period of time)?  Any feedback would be appreciated.

(I ask because my application currently does not remember the user
state...  if a different server handles the request when I click
"Next" the entire search will be reset and I will be looking at
everyone as opposed to my search criteria).