Unable to get more than one site working

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Subject: Unable to get more than one site working
Posted by:  Max (M…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007

Hi everyone:

Im running IIS 6 in 2003 server.

I had one site (default) working correctly but when I try to add some more
sites, they keep stopped and when trying to start them, get the error:

"IIS cannot start site. Ist possible that another site is using the port you
selected for this site. Select one unused port. ( My system is in spanish so
translation maybe not 100% acurate.)

In the system event viewer i get this error: One of the IP/port combinations
for site 'lot of numbers here' has been already setup for another site. SSL
config for the other site will be used.

All sites on tihis machine, use SSL and have their own certificate, but
cannot start both sites together.

Any ideas?