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Subject: Re: IIS forces restart
Posted by:  David Wang (w3.4y…
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2007

On Jul 2, 7:26 am, Onnchuk <Onnc.…> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running multiple web sites on a single Server using IIS 6.0.
> The server is running both .NET framework 1.1 & 2.0 and have seperate app
> pools.
> Currently there are approx. 40 web sites associated with framework 1.1 while
> 10 are associated with framework 2.0.
> My problem is that whenever I create a new site and assign it to one of the
> frameworks the IIS forces a restart thus causing all the sites to be
> unavaiulable for a short period of time. This behavior seems unlogical, wy
> would the IIS restart every time I add a new site? this has been occurring
> only since framework 2.0 has been added along side to .NET framework 1.1
> Is this normal behavior or something in the settings/configuration?
> Thanks,
> Onn
> P.S.
> I've been hesitant to run both frameworks on the same environment as it is a
> production environment and I wasn't sure if this is optimal although I know
> that the server isn't close to it's thresholds therefore it would be a shame
> to order a dedicated server for running seperate frameworks.

IIS does not restart itself on adding a new website.

I believe the IISRESET is caused by you selecting a .Net Framework
version for the application, which is a UI plugin added by .Net
Framework 2.0. Or you have some other 3rd-party application plugin
that is doing this.

You can run multiple framework versions on IIS as long as you do not
cause multiple .Net Framework DLLs to load in the same process. You
can easily use separate Application Pools to accomplish this.

The biggest caveat to this setup is any ISAPI Filter DLL compiled with
Managed C++ (so the DLL actually loads a particular .Net Framework
version) that is configured to run globally (i.e. in all processes) or
per-site (i.e. for all applications under a website) and the version
conflicts with the version loaded by the Application Pool used by the

i.e. suppose ISAPI Filter DLL is compiled to load .Net Framework 2.0,
you configure it to load globally, and you have one website using .Net
Framework 1.1 Application Pool. That website won't work because the
filter loads .Net Framework 2.0 into the process before the
application loads .Net Framework 1.1, which conflicts at that point.




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