Shared disk in IIS? Any suggestions?

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Subject: Shared disk in IIS? Any suggestions?
Posted by:  Lawrence Abrams (
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007

Can anyone recommend a good solution for a shared disk in IIS 6?  Currently
we have two load balanced web servers, using hardware load balancing, and I
need to incorporate some sort of shared disk for image storage.  It would be
extremely rare, if even possible, for the two servers to write to the same
file at the same time.

I originally was going to use ISCSI with NTFS, but as neither provide
adequate, if any, file locking, I instead tried an NFS server.  The problem
with NFS is that you need to be logged in to access a share.  As I need IIS
to access these shares, this would not work for me.

Does anyone have any other lower cost solutions that I can use for a basic
shared disk solution?

Any advice is appreciated as I am treading in unknown waters for me.

Thanks in advance.

Lawrence Abrams
MS MVP - Windows Security