HTTP Status 100

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Subject: HTTP Status 100
Posted by:  Larry (
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007

We have been getting users of our web sites complain about not receiving
responses to requests they send us. We are a property/casualty insurance
company and all of our agents use the sites to process quotes, pay bills, all
kinds of things.

From time to time we will have a user send information let's say so we can
quote an auto policy. (this happens with other type requests too) The user
sends the info, I can see the request hit 1 of our servers but the HTTP
status of the request is 100. IIS responses appropriately to send the
request, but the user says they never get back anything of the response for
the quote. Our servers never get the request to process quote data.

Would someone give me a place to look why this occurring? The #s are
increasing where this is happening.

These are 2003 web server machines with the proper IIS and I have had this
occur with users and browser versions 6.0 through 7. We are processing ASPX
requests using .Net 1.1.

The numbers of this type of incident are increasing. I see status 100
requests come in but most of the time they do get the actual request then to
process data. But sometimes we never see the final request.

We do trap and save to sessions all requests/responses so I can look not
only at what IIS is logging but also what the user is getting.

Thank you very much. All help is greatly appreciated.