IIS 6.0 and UNC!!!

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Subject: IIS 6.0 and UNC!!!
Posted by:  Vai2000 (nospam@microsoft.com)
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007

Hi All
I have an app that hosted inside IIS 6.0, the app uses a custom DLL which
makes some File I/O on a remote UNC. Unfortunately the system was working
all fine until lately were I am getting an error in reading the file...Since
this DLL is a 3rd party I don't know the exact error code but its gotta do
with access violation.
Problem is that my IIS are not part of the domain on which the file shares

How do I rectify this solution.
The UNC right now has Full Control [ACL] to everyone....


.NET Framework 1.1
IIS 6.0