IIS hanging request - not in IISState

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Subject: IIS hanging request - not in IISState
Posted by:  mobigital-gg…@yahoo.com
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2007

I am trying to figure out why every once in a while a new request to
my asp.net application will simply hang.

    * IIS is not hanging - new requests can be made
    * CPU is at 0..%
    * IISState of inetinfo does nto show my request
    * IISState of w3p.exe does not show my request
    * my request is not in the W3SVC log
    * sometimes such requests are not in trace.axd, sometimes they
are. I've had such request start logging through application log while
executing in Page_Load, but stop/hang up at the end of Page_Load. in
that case trace.axd does not show them at all, like they never
    * Browser hangs waiting for something to come back.
    * If I recycle App Pool - browser keeps hanging, so it's not
hanging in the w3p.exe
    * if I restart IIS Web Server - browser stops
    * I've seen once that a web browser after very long wait said
something about a bad request (error 400)
    * hanging request tends to occur after another request for a file
download done with TransferFile command in asp.net. file download
request usually ends with Thread.ThreadAborting exception. And I tend
to get one of these zombie requests after this downloading. however it
has occured in other circumstances too.
    * I dont' see any errors in the event viewer
    * this is a windows 2003 server enterprise edition
    * there are no other web apps running on server

can anyone point me in the right direction to find a way to debug

could this be related to using OleDb from the asp.net application? I
use OleDb to talk to Sybase.