iis possiable hang ups

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Subject: iis possiable hang ups
Posted by:  TdarTdar (TdarTd…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007

  I heard there was a problem with iis and a patch that was causing pages
not to error and not to feed and a browser would just sit there and still try
to load the page untill a time out, where can i find information on this,
also how would i debug something that is not giving me an error(and i have
all 500's errors being sent to me in email)  or page not found, or in event
viewer. We have a program that moniters the site and places an order every 30
mins and it is able to get thru our order process fine and does not show an
error, but right now we are getting about half of the normal customer orders
being dropped off and customers are calling in saying the page just does not
load and no page not found(unfortunatly I am not getting much data from our
sales staff on this).  how can i go about solving this, could this be a
problem with the internet itself and or there service provider, (trace routes
from a few system i have are fine thou).  I have given the staff a
questionare to fill out to get as much info as the customer will provice,
Browser version, where it happened etc.

Any information would be helpfull