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Subject: Re: Website Port when SMTP is Needed
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Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2007

The web site port and SMTP service are completely not connected to one

Set your site on whatever port you want, then forget about it.

In IIS, you have to do one of two things;

1. Run the SMTP service (set it up to accept mail, default upon install is
to accept mail from nowhere, you need to put in the allowed list) and then
use "localhost" as your server name.

2. OR, just use an outside SMTP server somewhere (your ISPs will probably

Also completely left out of your question is what mechanism (cgi script, ASP
script, FP extensions, etc.) is sending the mail.  Web pages dont send mail,
applications hooked up to them do.

"Brandon" <> wrote in message
>I have an intranet that also needs to send SMTP email from a form on the
>site.  I tried running the site on port 5556 because of interference with
>other websites.  But now, it doesn't want to send email.  I assume this is
>because I'm not running on port 80.  Is this correct?  Is there a way I can
>run this site on something other than port 80 and still send SMTP email
>from a form?
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> Brandon


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