IIS "slowness"

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Subject: IIS "slowness"
Posted by:  Steven Sinclair (StevenSincla…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007

Dell PowerEdge 2850
Dual XEON 3.0GHz CPUs @ 800MHz
RAID 1+0 (2x120GB, 4x500GB - SATA 15000RPM)

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2

I'm running IIS with three web sites set up. I can connect to all of them
and maneuver around the sites, but am experiencing a MAJOR problem with
"slowness." For no apparent reason, as of about a week or two ago, I'm
experiencing a lag of approximately 45 seconds at each request. Type in the
URL in my browser...45 seconds pass before the page loads. Click on a link to
go to a different page...45 seconds pass before the new page loads. I've
looked at everything related to performance, but just can't seem to figure it
out. There are no applications running on this server. The only service that
is running is IIS and, at that, only three web sites configured. No other
services are running (FTP, SMTP, etc.).

Any ideas out there in cyberspace?