Re: EML Files in Mailroot Queue

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Subject: Re: EML Files in Mailroot Queue
Posted by:  Kristofer Gafvert (kgafve…
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007


In addition to what have already been said, i would check the log file (it
should tell you why it is failing), and also make sure that your ISP does
not block you from sending emails.

If you have a non-business connection it is very likely that your ISP
prohibits you from sending emails. You will probably (depending on the
ISP), use the ISPs SMTP server. I suggest that you contact your ISP and
ask them, because the problem you are seeing is most likely due to your ISP.

A smart host may be a solution, but it depends on your ISP.

Kristofer Gafvert - IIS Related Info

Rob wrote:

>I was wondering how I get my system to send the emails that are in the
>folder in the Mailroot folder? I have a WinXP SP2 with IIS and I'm using an
>ASP form. However, the emails are not being sent.
>Any help would be nice.
>Thanks In Advance,



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EML Files in Mailroot Queue posted by Rob on Wed, 11 Jul 2007