Application Pool automatic recycle vs manual

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Subject: Application Pool automatic recycle vs manual
Posted by:  GregO (gregoreil…
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007

We have a problem with IIS6.0 and our websites with cached objects.
Some data in tables like products etc, are being cached by the
w3wp.exe process and if we add new products, they do not appear to the
users until we manually recycle the application pool.

We have tried scheduling and giving a lifetime value so that it
recycles without manual intervention, and this has not worked. We do
not see products that have been added. Only when manually recycling
the Pool do we see the new objects...

In addition, I have permfon the cached objects and cahe hit info for
the applications....when recycling automatically the number of cached
objects do not clear or change...when manually recycling, they drop as

any ideas please?