setting up remote access to local intranet

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Subject: setting up remote access to local intranet
Posted by:  musosdev (musoswire@community.nospam)
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007

Hi everyone, wonder if you could help.

We've got a number of servers at our office. We have RDP which can login to
the main server, and from there we can access our Intranet (which is on
another server) by visiting http://intranet/.

What I'd like to do is to enable our employees to access the Intranet from

I should be able to do this somehow, what I'm thinking is "user requests", server goes "ok, that needs to go to the
intranet server" and forwards the request. I guess we'd need to use something
like port forwarding? Is this possible - how do I set it up?!

Obviously it creates another issue, we'd like it to jump onto an SSL
connection ( How do I set up a https: server?