redirect options for specific files only

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Subject: redirect options for specific files only
Posted by:  David (NoSp…
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007

IIS 6 on server 2k3.

I know I can redirect entire sites or virtual directories to another
location such as a network share or other URL. What about just certain
individual files though? A large site is being updated and I need all the
old files to remain accessible so people with saved links, or search engines
that may dish out the soon to be 'old' urls, will get to the right place. I
know each file could be modified and coded to redirect but what are my
options just using IIS?

I've looked at the IIS Help and see there are options to use wildcards but
I'm confused since you have to redirect at the site or vd level??? I want
the site to continue serving pages from the local directory, which will
contain all the new files and the old files, but just redirect when a
request for an old file occurs... is this possible using only IIS options?