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Subject: does not execute
Posted by:  john_smith_nebras…
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007

I am using VISTA . I have IIS enabled .

I installed  VS 2005 successfully.

Under old ASPX  you knwo you go to inetpub wwwroot and run a test
default.aspx file to see if it executes properly.

I pulled a starter program from Microsoft site and pasted it into VS
2005 at the default.aspx page of a new wesite called website1. I made
sure website1  was added into IIS and was running.

The bulid in VS 2005 went thru with no errors, but when a I run it ,
it does not execute the code, just returns the HTML printout
of the code in the default.aspx page indicating that
is not being executed by the IIS for one reason or other.
What I did was something like  http://localhost/website1/
The page default.aspx is returned as a text page of the code
This was abig page but to explain it in simple terms, let us say you
said response.write"Hello",
the internet explorer returns  "response.write"Hello""  not just
Hello  (You get the idea)

I tried this on 2 PCs with Vista. Same problem.

I tried the old trick of sticking the page into wwwroot folder
with same results.
The default htm page with the IIS 7 symbol surrounded by languages
comes up . I f I disable that page (by changing its name and goto
default.aspx page , it just shows in HTML whatever is in ASPX page
indicating that aspx engine is not processing anything or is off

I am sure this was discussed but my search  for cannot execute
returns nothing. I tried few other search phrases no luck.

Thanks for your understanding