Re: Help, IIS is sometimes sending wrong data in pages !!!

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Subject: Re: Help, IIS is sometimes sending wrong data in pages !!!
Posted by:  David Wang (w3.4y…
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007

On Jul 20, 9:58 am, jmr <jmrinva.…> wrote:
> Hi All,
> We are having a very strange problem with IIS.
> The problem we have with our .net application is that sometimes the
> output page contains part of other pages that are being called by
> another user using the same server (but with a different login).
> We are not storing any page state nor using vb module.
> We also use the standard ASP NET caching.
> The (weird) behaviour is as follow:
> User 1 is calling an aspx page say page1.aspx
> At the same time, user 2 is calling another page say page2.aspx
> User 1 get the right output from page1.aspx
> User 2 get output from page2.aspx + part of the output of page1.aspx
> It is not all the time but it is quite worrying because user 2 does not
> have to know what user 1 is doing. Note that one of the page involved
> when the problem occurs is very big.
> Is it a bug with IIS/aspnet (some overflow maybe) ?
> Is there a workaround ?
> Thanks for any idea,
> Jean-Michel

Contact Microsoft PSS. Things like this tend to have no workaround.

If it is a bug, they can direct you to a fix if it exist. Otherwise,
it would be a bug report which is also free.

Worst case is if your application causes the issue, in which
contacting Microsoft PSS to troubleshoot will cost you money.

FYI: No one else has really reported anything like this... so it is up
to you as to how confident you feel that this is not an issue within
your application.



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