Urgent IIS Problem Hanging when XP pro boots up

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Subject: Urgent IIS Problem Hanging when XP pro boots up
Posted by:  pilot (sal…@contacts-development.com)
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007

am currently running XP Home as the OS for my computer, but need to
install XP Pro in order to get IIS as this of course does not come
with the home version of XP.
So I have installed VMware 5.5 in a folder on the hard drive and have
extracted the files. Fine so far!

Then have created a new virtual machine and installed XPPro. On
starting XP pro from within the VMware control panel the first time
this appears to work and it opens and runs Pro as it should. However
if I close this down and start XP Pro up again either on the second
third time it takes an age to load up and when it does I cant find
the IIS connection.

If I go to the Run command and type MCC and add IIS there it just
hangs and just crashes.
Do you have any idea why this could be happening and if so any way I
can fix this. If there some kind of time out issue with IIS or is it
somthing else? Any ideas would be helpfull at this time.