Strange IE6 Problem (IIS6.0)

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Subject: Strange IE6 Problem (IIS6.0)
Posted by:  Krayten (Kryt…
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007

I look after a corporate web application on Win2003 Server with IIS 6.0
and a strange problem has cropped up that perhaps someone else has seen

The clients who use this application run a mix of IE6 and IE7.

There is a particular web page that involves drop down selection boxes.
This page works perfectly well for all the IE7 clients but when the
IE6 clients try their pc's go to 100% cpu and sometimes the session
crashes. If they wait long enough the drop down box initialises and all
is fine again, but this can take up to a minute. Not sure if the drop
down box is activex, if it is it must be something like iemenu.ocx - as
I see that is loaded in IE when the
problem happens.

Funny thing is that when I connect my own laptop (IE6) to the customers
lan - it works perfectly - but of course they are now asking
me what they need to change. The web application vendor is of little or
no help as once they found out it worked ok on a non customer-built
machine they washed their hands. Could this be a group policy or some
kind of setting in IIS?

Any help or suggestions anyone can offer would be very gratefully received.


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