Checking webserver configuration

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Subject: Checking webserver configuration
Posted by:  Dan DeCoursey (DanDeCours…
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007

I have my webserver
(Server 2003 sp2 running IIS)
configured with 3 NICs
one is my external IP for internet  and the other 2 are "teamed" and are on
my internal network so this server is essentially multihomed .
If I fuly config the internal interface and specify a default one on the outside(internet) can access the server although
it can be accessed via the intenal inteface.
if I omit the default gateway on the internal side, then the  public
internet access is ok but I loose a lot of internal functionallity  I cant
ping any resources that reside on the internal network ( like my exchange
server)    and that is the current issue I am working on I want to be able to
send email from this webserver...but I cant right now because of this gateway

Any advice would be appreciated  thanks