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Subject: Re: Checking webserver configuration
Posted by:  David Wang (w3.4y…
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007

On Jul 24, 7:32 am, Dan DeCoursey
<DanDeCour.…> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have my webserver
> (Server 2003 sp2 running IIS)
> configured with 3 NICs
> one is my external IP for internet  and the other 2 are "teamed" and are on
> my internal network so this server is essentially multihomed .
> If I fuly config the internal interface and specify a default
> one on the outside(internet) can access the server although
> it can be accessed via the intenal inteface.
> if I omit the default gateway on the internal side, then the  public
> internet access is ok but I loose a lot of internal functionallity  I cant
> ping any resources that reside on the internal network ( like my exchange
> server)    and that is the current issue I am working on I want to be able to
> send email from this webserver...but I cant right now because of this gateway
> issue.
> Any advice would be appreciated  thanks

This sounds like network configuration issue unrelated to IIS, which
happens to be a network service you want to access through both
network segments.

I'm not a networking expert, but your question has come up many times
in the past and there's a standard answer to it from other folks in
this newsgroup. You can either wait for them to notice this message
and answer, or you can search and find the answer yourself -- I can
only inform you information that it has been answered in the past and
exists on this newsgroup.

Typically, people misconfigure multihome configuration and complain
that IIS is intermittently available on one of the networks. The
solution was basically set the default gateway to the largest of the
multihomed networks and to add in specific routes for the smaller
network segment(s). You just can't have multiple "default" gateways
and expect consistent behavior.



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