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Subject: SSL Help
Posted by:  Ryan (Ry…
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007

The IIS on my SBS2003 box currently has listed the following web sites, not
of which are public:
1. Default Web Site - TCP Port: 80 / SSL Port: 443
2. Office Terminal - TCP Port: 80 / SSL Port: blank
3. Microsoft Sharepoint Administration
4. SharePoint Central Administration
5. companyweb - TCP Port: 80 / SSL Port: 444

I need to add SSL and then a certificate for the Office Terminal so that my
office employees can send payment information to our online merchant
gateway... how do I go about doing that... the SSL part??? I've tried simply
adding the SSL port number 443, and turning off the Default Web Site, but
then I get 'page not found' when trying to navigate to a page using the https
protocal. Confused... first time doing this so please help. Thanks in advance.