Re: Multiple FTP Sites on 1 IP but DIFFERENT Ports

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Subject: Re: Multiple FTP Sites on 1 IP but DIFFERENT Ports
Posted by:  Pablo A. Allois (pablo-list…
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008

telnet 210
To check that you have service up, listening on that port and your firewall
is opened.
If you dont get connected check your service and firewalls.

If the problem persist and you get connected with telnet client, use an ftp
client that show the conversation between the servers and post the
conversation to get more info. FileZilla show u a detail of the


<sebasti…> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I have published an FTP site on port 21 with internal IP of
> in User Isolation in Active Directory mode. Virtual folders match up
> to users and it all works perfectly.
> I would howver like to setup a second FTP site on port 210 with
> internal IP of in normal basic mode to access files hosted
> elsewhere on the machine.
> I have changed the port in IIS to 210, opened firewall port TCP 210 as
> well as route port 210 on my router firewall to
> It doesn't want to work...I have read all over the internet and there
> doesn't seem to be an answer anywhere! Anyone with any clear and
> concise thoughts on what is wrong?
> Thanks in advance!



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