ASP.NET application and Windows Update

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Subject: ASP.NET application and Windows Update
Posted by:  Maurizio (Mauriz…
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008

Hi to all,
I have a problem opening my ASP.NET web site since apply some updates
(downloaded from windows update): the updates are KB936181 (MS XML 4 Core
Sp2), KB 951748, KB 951698, KB 950761, KB 950760, KB 950759, KB 944338, KB
948590, KB 95553, KB 941693, KB 948496, KB 943055, KB 946026, KB 942821, KB
942830, KB 943485, KB 941569, KB 944653, KB 942763, KB 942460, KB 941202, KB
Now when I digit the URL on machine where IIS resides the page cannot be
display and the browser goes time-out.
The IIS logs show this message: GET /<AppliationName>/Default.Aspx Module
Alias=<NameOfModules>.AdminAccessDenied 443 302 0 0
Same result if I browse default.aspx page directly.
Could you indicate me more troubleshooting steps?