Debugging VS.NET Projects in IIS docroot

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Subject: Debugging VS.NET Projects in IIS docroot
Posted by:  stoland (stola…
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008

Hello All

I am trying to develop a site for my company, which is stored in the
document root of it's IIS server in production. The VS.NET development server
runs really slowly on this machine, and I would like to switch back to
developing and debugging in IIS, but every time I try to set the option in my
project settings to use the local IIS instance, and set 'http://localhost/'
as the path, both with and without the trailing slash, I get the following

Unable to create the virtual directory. The URL 'http://localhost/' is
already mapped to a different folder location.

I get a similar error if i close VS.NET down, manually change the project
user file, and restart. The site absolutely must be able to be hosted in the
docroot of the server, to maintain internal nondynamic paths, and the dev
server can do this easily by setting the virtual path to '/'.

So please, anyone, help me set this up. It just doesnt make any sense that I
have to develop this in a vdir off of root in order to use a real web server.


Scott T.