W3SVC (WWW) service won't start - Please help

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Subject: W3SVC (WWW) service won't start - Please help
Posted by:  ECL (E…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008

Hi Everyone,

I hope someone can help. I have restore a server and the W3SVC won't start
(Error : 87 parameter incorrect) but IISADMIN, SMTP..etc all still work. All
the backups I have have this problem as I did not know and was backing up
this problem.

My Server is Windows 2003 SP2

This is what happened.

1. I installed a lot of security updates and the server crashed
2. when the server booted up the metabase was corrupt
3. I have tried to restore the metabase and the whole system no joy as the
backups already have the problem.

I now attempt to uninstall IIS 6 and then re-install. But W3SVC still won't
start wil
Error 87: Parameter Incorrect.

I need to get IIS working again.

Is there away to completely clean IIS and do a clean install - I have tried
remove from add/remove programs but W3SVC still won't start.

Hope someone can help

Many thanks in advance