Streaming files from a network share

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Subject: Streaming files from a network share
Posted by:  Tim Williams (timjwillia…
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008

I need to provide users of an intranet web application ("classic" ASP)
access to files stored on a network share. This is on Win2003/IIS6,
with anyonymous access turned off, and integrated authentication
turned on.

I can't just map the network location as a virtual directory and
provide direct HTTP access, since I need to control access using
information stored in a database: I'm planning on "streaming" the
files (which works fine for *me* since I have access to the network
share whereas the other users will not).  I would prefer to use a
single account to access the files from IIS, rather than having to
manage access for each user.

Any options for setting this up ?  Have to admit I have only a fairly
basic grasp of the underlying issues...

Thanks for any input,