IIS6 sends first 401 message

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Subject: IIS6 sends first 401 message
Posted by:  Thomas Weiler (T.Weil…@web.de)
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008


we have an iis6 Werbserver on a Windows Server 2003 in a Windows Server
2003 Active Directory Domain.

Settings: no Anonymous Login / AD Authorisation

I monitore the traffic with Packetyzer on the webserver.

When I try to open content on the webserver from a client in the network
(it doesn`t matter if a html site, an aspx site or simply a .gif file)
the webserver first sends an 401 unauthorized message to the client.
Then the client automatic sends the second request and become then the
correct content. On the client site (using the IE6 with single sign on
over the domain) the first 401 message is not shown.

Is this normal that every first response from the webserver is a 401
message? I think no.

Does someone know this behavior and can give me some advice?

Thanks for all answers.