Multiple web site on IIS 6.0 Error

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Subject: Multiple web site on IIS 6.0 Error
Posted by:  melvin (melv…
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008

This is a strange error. I am configuring a web site - let us say :

-- SUMMARY ---

Previous State:
Default Web Site, header value empty, all access to works (ip
mapping using host file or through Internet DNS + load balancer)

New State: (two sites)
Default Web Site, header value ""
"other domain name" web site, header value empty
ip mapping through host file works,
Internet DNS + load balancer would not work.


Currently we used the "Default Web Site" for this domain name. - By default,
it also accepts any other domain names as long as those domain names are
mapped to right ip address and port (so the header value is empty right now).

Now, I created a new web site ("other domain names" listen to the same port
80) with header value as empty. I also added header value "" to my
"Default Web Site".

Interestingly, when I map the web server's intranet IP to the host name
"" using the host file on my local computer. It works perfectly.
However, when I remove the entry in my host file (so that "" is
resolved to its internet load balancer IP address), it would not work.
Furthermore, when I shut down the "other domain names" site and remove the
"" header value from "", it works again.

It does look like an issue with Network + IIS. Could someone kindly let me
know what I shall looking for in this case?? I would really appreciate it.