I'm fed up with Ubuntu and want Windows back.?

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Subject: I'm fed up with Ubuntu and want Windows back.?
Posted by:  George M (d5MdBktbVkrU…@camley.info)
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008

On one of my PC's I was running Windows XP and changed to a clean Ubuntu
install(not a double boot.) Ubuntu has a screwed up display so my
monitor always displays in a messed up way. I want to switch back to
Windows, but when I put the CD in and try to run it, it says it can't
find the auto-run. So I tried chnaging around the BIOS boot order so it
would boot from the Windows CD, because thats the way I installed
Ubuntu. But it just ignores what I put in completely! I've done it so
many times, but it ignores the boot order and just boots Ubuntu from the
hard drive like normal. Help?

I don't want people trying to convince me to keep Ubuntu or try and fix
my monitor problem. I need Windows for a lot of programs that involve
work. So if you could just help me with un-installing, that would be

Never mind. I installed Win98 and then XP and now its working fine. I'm
on XP right now.

George M

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