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Subject: Server Unavailable
Posted by:  DGP
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008

I have a development web server running IIS 5.1 on XP Pro and a production
server running IIS 5.1 on Windows Server 2003.  My development machine is
experiencing sporadic shutdowns which I have been unable to identify.  The
error tells me that the "server is unavailable", yet I'm not getting anything
in the IIS log files.  I have followed many links concerning this ubiquitous
error without success.  My general question being "where to start" and "what
procedures or steps to follow".

I have numerous tools downloaded and I've been thru many of the resources.
Since I haven't found the problem I'd like to use an orderly methodical

- I can IISRESET the server successfully, yet the website remains stopped
- My event viewer records the successfully shutdown and startup, but no errors
- The IIS log files don't seem to notice my attempt to restart
- AuthDiag can't analyze when stopped
- I can successfully reinstall IIS and the problem disappears for a time
- FileMon and RegMon provide too much data and probably need to be filtered
- DebugDiag is loaded with information, but I can't identify a cause

I can find a plethora of information on IIS, but I'm really looking for a
generic troubleshooting procedure or decision tree for problem solving.  Any