redirecting HTTPS on IIS6

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Subject: redirecting HTTPS on IIS6
Posted by:  merrittr (merrit…
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009

Hi All,

We have 2 domain names and

we currently have a _VALID_ ssl cert for and old
_INVALID_ cert for
what I want is to rewrite to
without the client ever seeing a "There is a problem with this
website's security certificate"

bot are on the same IIS server differentiated by hostheaders I tried

-writing my own isapi filter (I get the warning page)
-using IsapiRewrite4 asapi filter (works like mod rewrite but I get
the warning page)
-using redirect to url in IIS manager

any sugestion on how I can get in front of the https request and
redirect/rewrite it

I think ISA will be the solution in the future to rewrite our old
domain https without renewing our old certificate
but for now we are needing to do it for free any ideas?