Re: 500 error - out-of-memory exception

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Subject: Re: 500 error - out-of-memory exception
Posted by:  Ken Schaefer (kenREMO…
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009

You need to look at what is happening in the w3wp.exe process serving your
web application. Not the overall memory of your server.

Most likely, there is something happening in that process' virtual address
space (e.g. excessive memory fragmentation or leak) that is causing your
application to fall over.


"Griff" <griffithsj_5…> wrote in message
> We have an IIS server that successfully runs a classic ASP web site
> for many days and then all of a sudden the every ASP page responds
> with a 500 error message.
> Looking through the web logs, we find out of memory exceptions.
> However, gone through all the code and it's not obvious where there
> could be a memory leak....
> Anyhow, decided to monitor the memory usage at the point of iis
> dying.  There is a Window's API function GetProcessMemoryInfo which
> returns the process' memory usage.
> I logged the WorkingSetSize, PeakWorkingSetSize, PageFileUsage and
> PeakPageFileUsage.
> Most of the time whilst the server was healthy, I got the following
> example values (all in MB):
> PageFileUsage = 880
> WorkingSetSize = 882
> PeakPageFileUsage = 917
> PeakWorkingSetSize = 918
> So, these are all quite high values, but the server is a Win2000
> server with 4GB of RAM (so IIS should have about 2GB to play with if I
> understand this correctly).
> However, at the time of the crash I got the following values:
> PageFileUsage = 842
> WorkingSetSize = 747
> PeakPageFileUsage = 899
> PeakWorkingSetSize = 904
> the time IIS fell over, the PageFileUsage  was GREATER than
> the WorkingSetSize.  Not sure how this can be....
> Any explanation would be most welcome.
> Thanks in advance
> Griff


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