IIS in Vista Ultimate stopped working

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Subject: IIS in Vista Ultimate stopped working
Posted by:  Tim P
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009


My IIS in Vista Ultimate has been working fine since installed six months
ago, but all of a sudden doesn't work at all when I call
http://localhost/subdomain on the machine the iis runs on. Even stranger, if
I call a virtual directory host on the vista machine from a different machine
(http://desktop/subdomain, the machine name being desktop), it serves fine. I
have a mix of straight html and classic asp sites, none of them work from the
machine itself.

If I try http://desktop/subdomain from the machine itself, it doesn't work
again. It basically seems to have forgotten where localhost is AND that it is
called desktop!

I've not installed anything new, except that Windows has updated itself a
couple of times recently.

Can anyone help, please?