Exceeded Internet Timeout Virus?

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Subject: Exceeded Internet Timeout Virus?
Posted by:  Aragorn29
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006

We have an Exchange 2k3 box running Antigen 9.0 that is finding this :
Microsoft Antigen for Exchange found a file infected with a virus.  The file
is currently Removed.
File name: "CODE_.gif"
Virus name: "Exceeded Internet Timeout"

I can not seem to find anything on the net about this virus. I am starting
to notice a large amount of internet mail SMTP Connectors with
postmast…@mydomain.com in our exchange queues and since we do not have an
account with that name i am assuming something is spoofing that name.

We have Symantec 10. as the AV. I have scanned all 3 servers we have with
Symantec, Microtrend's System Cleaner, SpyBot , and the "free" version of
Ad-Aware from Lavasoft and all are clean.  I also used Process Explorer to
see if we had any rouge processes. We even went so far as to turn off all the
workstations over a weekend period to see if there was something we missed
when scanning them. We still found the same amount of notifications in
Antigen and in the exchange queue.

Does anyone have any experience with this supposed virus ?