Possible Dialer

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Subject: Possible Dialer
Posted by:  Ursula
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006

I am running Xp home and after my son was "playing" on the net , found I
hade 2 icons on the desk top- 1 for a poker game and one called rate my body.
Besides being beside myself i deleted the icons and have run "start up
buddy" to  no avail.
I am on cable but ie explorer starts automatically on start up and asks to
connect (like when i was on dial up) I then click no and work offline
(although cable is running and i still have access).
The pc is running really slowly and seems to be processing a lot of data or
maybe trying to start ie explorer as i am using firefox meanwhile.
I hav a full up to date Norton anti virus and spydoctor.
I have tried to restore to about 10 different points but keep getting cannot
restore to this point.

Does anyone have any ideas???