Possilbe Virus, Computer Reboots, Can't Boot any Options

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Subject: Possilbe Virus, Computer Reboots, Can't Boot any Options
Posted by:  aargh!! (howard12…@hotmail.com)
Date: 19 Nov 2006

I looking for some tools to that check for current viruses and can scan
boot sectors.
I have a Windows XP machine that reboots after getting the Windows
Welcome Screen in normal or Safe Mode. Actually with any option
selected it reboots and a few seconds, even the option not to reboot on
error it reboots. I

If anyone knows a good utility I would appreciate it. So far I have had
no success in repair.
Here is what I have done so far. I took the drive out and installed it
as a slave in another machine and was able to access the drive and copy
data over to another drive. Yes I did an Anti Virus scan with Norton
finding no virus, albeit this version expired a few months back. So it
would have to be a recent virus. But the computer that I copied the
data over to shows to signs of infection. So it's probably a virus
loaded from bad software and not data files. My friends kids did have
filing sharing 360Share loaded on this machine.

So yes I can access the drive as a slave. So I know the drive is good.

Any ideas