rasautou.exe error

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Subject: rasautou.exe error
Posted by:  Doug Boufford (do…@NOSPAMbouffordca.com)
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2007

Running WIN XP Pro SP2

For the last month or so, my laptop has been attempting to connect to
the internet on it's own. Whatever is causing this behavior appears to
use the last-used internet connection
I have several dial-up entries and a DSL connection, so even if I am not
connected to the DSL, the prog will attempt to connect usng the DSL
connection - and  - vice-versa with the dial-up connection
I have BitDefender updated and running as an anti-virus & Zone Alarm
updated and running as a firewall.
I have checked the complete drive using:
Ad-Aware; Hijack This and Spybot S&D, and have not found anything unusual.
The only method I have found to stop this action is to kill
"rasautou.exe", using TaskManager. Once that has been stopped, no futher
connection attempts are made until I re-boot the system. Even when I am
not connected to DSL, the system may try to connect using that connection.
I have reviewed all start-up folders and cannot find anything unusual.

At one stage I suspected Norton's Symantec Live Update, as it's folders
appeared to have been updated when there was an an internet connection,
with numerous files added to its folders. I have since uninstalled all
Symantec Live Update, since I could not receive any assistance from

Any suggestions to track down this activity, would be greatly appreciated.