Unknown virus can anybody help me?

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Subject: Unknown virus can anybody help me?
Posted by:  Bijan Kianifard
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007


Although we have symantec antivirus corporate version (
installed and updated on all servers and workstationSince yesterday a virus,
worm or spyware spreaded on the corporate network. It's behavior is as

1. It hides a folder.
2. Then copy itself with name of hidden folder.
3. It also checks "hide extention for known file types" and "hide protected
operating system files(recommended)" in the folder options.
For example if the folder name "ABC" it hide it then copy itself in the same
path as "ABC.exe".
Unfortunately symantec does not detect it.

How can I remove this virus?
Can anybody help me?

By the way, here we have have windows XP SP2 and windows 2K3 server.