Windows XP shuts down... on antivirus scan

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Subject: Windows XP shuts down... on antivirus scan
Posted by:  Francesca Baslen (francesca.basl…
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007


A few says ago my Windows XP session suddenly shut down.
I immediately started a complete system scan (with Norton Internet
Security), but XP shut down again during the scan. I tried again in safe
mode - same thing!
My impression was that when the AV scan arrives at a certain file, the
system shuts down. I unistalled NAV and installed Avast. The first scan
upon install was performed to the end (no virus found), but shortly
afterwards Windows shut down again.
Each time this shutdown happened during or just after a system scan,
when Windows restarts and the hard disk is checked, I get messages
telling me that the "allocation unit size is incorrect" for a few files
related to antivirus (either Norton at my first attempt, then Avast).

Has anybody any idea regarding this issue?