HELP ! My PC has been compromised !!

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Subject: HELP ! My PC has been compromised !!
Posted by:  pena‚Ķ
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008

Last nite my PC behaves normally, but this morning, it took over 1
hour to boot up the XP.

Now, in the tasking tray, I see tons and tons of messages are being
sent out !

I have not configure this PC to send out emails. I  use webmails. But
now my PC is sending out tons and tons of emails !!

The symantec norton antivirus is doing the "Symantec Email Scan" on
those emails and the emails are jamming up the system.

What can I do ????

What software should I use to remove this security breach ????

Please help !!!!

Thank you !!