cannot find anything about this virus and how to delete it (SPR/YFlood.A.3)

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Subject: cannot find anything about this virus and how to delete it (SPR/YFlood.A.3)
Posted by:  Massimo (o…@'
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008


Today I uninstalled McAfee antivirus and firewall programs on my
second computer.
(WindowsXP Home sp2)

I installed in their places Comodo firewall 2.4 (version 3.X does not
work well on that computer) and Avira Antivir Personal Ed. (=free
Of course I updated these programs right after installing them.

So I decided to do a first thorough scan with Avira after making the
necessary settings in the program and... it found a virus! In
C:\Windows\System32\prjChameleon.ocx it found a pattern of

Avira offered to quarantine the file and I accepted.

1. During a second scan it found *again* a file contaminated by the
same virus (or whatever it is). I quarantined it again.
2. I wanted to take a look at the Avira-site into their virus-database
in order to find what characteristics SPR,etc. has and to find out
what tot do to get definitively rid of it. But it was nowhere to be
found in this database! Google has only some entries for this
virusname and they didn't help me (Russian, Italian, etc.)

Don't know what to do now.

Please advice?


(P.S.: I did also scans with Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware on this computer)