ircphate.exe- trojan

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Subject: ircphate.exe- trojan
Posted by:  microsoft
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009


I am running Windows 2003 server.  This server is a member server and its
primary role is a file server.  Norton Symantec Antivirus Corproate Edition
initally detected this trojan and quarantined it.  However whenever the users
on the network access particular share the above captioned trojan file is
presented within Norton.  I then used Kapesky which indicated that the file
was deleted successfully.  However after a day the trojan has reappeared.
Has anyone ecountered this virus and if so what can I do to fully remove it.

There is not much documentation available as yet on this virus which
therefore makes it difficult to resolve and remove.

Symantec simply points o the share on teh network as the lcoation of the
trojan, how can I nfirm what is the souce and how to fully remove it.