Windows Internet Explorer 7 beta - Security Warnings

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Subject: Windows Internet Explorer 7 beta - Security Warnings
Posted by:  gmyers (gmye…
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006

This may notbe the correct Discussion Group to post in but this was the most
appropriate one I could find.  I am running Internet Explorer Version
7.0.5346.5 on Windows XP SP 2 (fully updated).  Since installing IE7 beta, I
am getting prompted by various "File Security" warnings when running
.vbs/.bat scripts and programs from mapped network drives.  Oddly enough,
when I use the UNC path, I m not getting these warnings (Ex. H:\example.vbs
--> warning; \\<server>\<share>\example.vbs --> no warning (same file, same
location)).  This happens both when I right-click and "edit", "edit with ..."
and "open" but not when I "drag-n-drop" to an application.  Also, when
running a script from the command line, I also get a security warning.  I
have lowered the Security Level for the Intranet Zone to "low" but this did
not help.  This may have been coincidental with something else I have done
but I do not believe that I have made any other changes.  I am assuming that
this is a settings change rather than a "problem".  The warnings seriously
impede my scripting and I need to find a way to stop the "pop-ups" or I will
need to revert back to IE 6 (assuming that this is in fact the cause).  I
would appreciate suggestions/solutions.