Local Admin Password Change Scripting

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Subject: Local Admin Password Change Scripting
Posted by:  sjpar…@yahoo.co.uk
Date: 6 Jun 2006

Can anyone help me with creating a script to change local administrator
passwords using a lookup file?

The basic idea that I would like to achieve is to have a lookup word 10
characters long (eg. alphabetab, a=0,l=1,p=2,h=3,etc.)
Then, the script would take the machine name computer-001254-pc, take
the numerical section and apply the characters from the lookup word to
create the new password. (eg new password = passwordaalpba)

Preferably a dos script I'd find easier, but java would be good also.

I'm currently trying using FOR /F commands after outputting the
%computername% variable.

Help would be much appreciated.