internet radio security issue

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Subject: internet radio security issue
Posted by:  leoliver (leoliv…
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006

                                          Hi Friends,
  I recently downloaded screamer internet radio software from the Windows
software website. After listening to several stations, I tried to use my
Norton Webclean up tool,and it gave me a error message saying that I had to
close a open internet browser before I could use the webclean up tool. But I
didn't have a browser open. I had turned off the internet radio software, I
checked Taskmanager and it didn't show ie explorer in the processes.
  I had the same issue when I used Nero Media player to listen to internet
radio. So my question is , does using internet radio station software open up
some sort of open internet connection that dosen't close when I turn off the
internet radio software? (0r is my Norton Webclean tool giving me a "false
positive" ) And if ,the internet radio stations keep a open internet
connection, so does this pose a security risk where a hacker could break into
my computer? Your feedback will be appreciated.

              your friend,