Can't boot

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Subject: Can't boot
Posted by:  <*(((><{ (Fis…@Ocean.Net)
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2006

My desktop is XP Home SP2.  I just reformatted the C drive and
reinstalled software.  I was using Outlook 2000, hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete
to see if another instance was running, and Bam!  The system crashed!

I have not been able to get it to boot up since.  I have tried booting
from the XP CD; I chose "repair."  In just one second, it said the
repair was finished.  No joy.

Sometimes when I turn the system on, it immediately loads the BIOS
menu.  Other times it loads a black screen with some information about
PCI configuration.  No prompt.

I have two internal hard drives.  I've tried changing the BIOS to boot
from the other hard drive.  No joy.

Of course, I have AVG and Zone Alarm.  I run a virus test and also run
Spybot S&D (updated) daily.  (I have turned off Windows Firewall for
the time being).

Some of the error messages have included:
    CPU frequency mismatch.
    NTDLR missing
    sparrow.sys missing

QUESTION:  Is there any malware going around that would cause this?