Internet Security Program and Outlook 2000

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Subject: Internet Security Program and Outlook 2000
Posted by:  Yvonne (Yvon…
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006

Last year I decided to try a few other anti-virus programs besides Norton and
McAfee. I searched the Internet and found a version of "Panda Platinum 2005
Internet Security". What website I obtained this version of Panda from, I'm
not overly sure but it was free. Of course, I know now that free is not
necessarily the best choice.

I had also found a version of Panda that wasn't free and which had an
on-line scan of your PC. From what I now understand this anti-virus program
is the legitimate version and what I downloaded as "free" wasn't legitimate.

Anyway, whatever happened has happened. It incorporated itself into my
Outlook 2000 program and taking forever for Outlook to load, even when I
rebooted several times. I got frustrated and decided to remove it from my

There were still some residual files left but I didn’t touch those and went
into Outlook 2000 and the following error appeared:

"The add-in "C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Platinum 2005 Internet
Security ..." could not be installed or loaded. This program may be resolved
by using Detect and Repair on the Help Menu. Unable to load "C:\Program
Files\Panda Software\Panda Pl...". You may be out of memory, out of system
resources, or missing a .dll file."

I clicked ok and another screen with the same error appeared for which I
clicked ok again and then was able to get into Outlook.

I decided to go and delete the residual files that were left; however, there
were 3 files which I was unable to delete, an error message indicated the
files were unable to be deleted, that access is denied.

I have rebooted many times and tried Detect and Repair in Outlook several
times without success. I also tried to go back several times and delete the
residual files.

Today, as unsure and uncomfortable about RegEdit as I am, I decided to go
into RegEdit and see if there was any files in there mentioning "Panda
Platinum 2005 Internet Security" and deleted all the Panda files and

I rebooted and went back into Outlook and the same lengthy error - the one
starting with “The add-in “C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Platinum
2005 Internet Security ...” appeared.

I then retried the Detect and Repair in Outlook but that didn’t work. I’ve
also removed Microsoft Office and reinstalled it but that didn’t work.

Now it appears that every time I go into Internet Explorer, I get two files
placed on my desktop and in my file directories called "WebExcl.dat" and
"WebProxy.ini".  I can delete them but they come back again the next time I
go into the Internet.

Does anyone have any ideas?