the so-called 'AntiSpywareRemoval Box' by

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Subject: the so-called 'AntiSpywareRemoval Box' by
Posted by:  ru… (ru…
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006

I have been infected with a program of some sort off the internet and have
tried to remove it by various and exhaustive means, but to no avail. It keeps
sending a pop-up on to my screen whether im connected to the internet or not,
and it gives me very vague, general statements about the state of my system
etc. Have tried to remove it as i said but nothing is happening....HELP!!!
Even closing the pop ups will result in me visiting this site...i'm pulling
my hair out as it keeps saying that it will direct me to the official
'Windows' site, but it does nothing of the sort...please, please, please
somebody help me!!!