surfing safely on the internet

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Subject: surfing safely on the internet
Posted by:  unstablemicrosoft (unstablemicroso…
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006

Hi. I know there are several ways to make yourself anonymous on the internet.
Using a proxy is one of those. I find safety and anonymity very important.

The probem is: I would suspect that governments, criminals and hackers would
be particulary interested in what you try to hide. If that were the case,
what's the point of trying to be anonymous ? It might be counterproductive. I
have a broadband connection with essentially a static IP. With reverse DNS
lookup my identity can be exposed. It always shows a unique identifier of my
specific computer.

(It would be a lot easier if my ISP had a proxy, but that is not the case).

So, does anyone have an idea about how to stay anonymous on the internet
(especially with regard to my IP) ? Perhaps any program, proxy or other
facility that won't attract the wrong kind of people ? Any recommendations ?

Btw, I live in The Netherlands (Western Europe).

I thank you for any help you can give me.